Young players learn to dribble around and past defenders.

Drill Setup

  • Create a 15 yard wide by 20 yard long grid and then create a 4 yard by 4 yard square in each corner.
zombie invasion soccer dibbling drill

How it Works

  1. Select two players to be “zombies.” They go onto the grid without balls.
  2. Assign other players to one of the four squares on the grid. These are safe zones.
  3. Coach blows whistle or says “go.”
  4. Players with a ball attempt to dribble in and out of the other squares or safe zones
    while the two zombies try to steal their balls and kick them out of the grid.
  5. Players who lose their ball become zombies and try to steal other players’ balls.
  6. Zombies can’t go into the safe zones.
  7. Game is over when all players have lost their ball.

Coaching Tips

  • Dribblers should be keeping the ball close using the inside and outside of the foot. Then they should use the laces (not the toes) to push the ball away from the zombies when needed.