Run and Shoot Soccer Shooting Drill
Players dribble down the pitch and shoot on goal.


Players practice shooting after a breakaway run.

Set Up

Mark off a field that is approximately 30 yards wide by 20 to 30 yards long. Put a goal at each end.


  1. Players line up with a ball at one endline.
  2. 2. Coach is a goalie at one goal. The assistant coach, a parent or a player is the goalie at the second goal.
  3. 3. Coach calls out a player’s name and that player dribbles down and shoots on goal. The player gets the ball and then dribbles down and shoots on the second goal.
  4. 4. Players continue to dribble back and forth and shoot at the goal at each end.
  5. 5. Coach keeps calling out players names so eventually the whole team is on the field

Coaching Tips

Have the players count how many times they score.

Don’t try as hard to stop the shots of weaker players.

When dribbling, players should be keeping the ball close to their body.