Players dribble against pressure and learn to close out an attack with a scoring flourish.

Drill Setup

  • Set up four goals – two on the top and two on the bottom of a 20 yard by 30 yard area.
  • Players form two lines by the coach.
Players dribble under pressure with the ultimate mission of a scoring a goal.

How it Works

  1. Coach kicks a ball out on the pitch between the two lines of players.
  2. First player in each line goes after it.
  3. Player who gains possession tries to score in one of the four goals. The other player tries to steal the ball and score in one of the goals.
  4. First to score wins. If no one scores within 10 seconds it is a draw.

Coaching Tips

  • Stress all of the following during this drill: dribbling, running fast with the ball, using both long and short touches and keeping their heads up while dribbling.
  • Players should also keep the ball close and utilize moves and fakes to dribble past the defender.