Dual Cross Passes

Purpose This drill teaches teamwork, ball handling, passing and finishing. Set Up Form two lines near opposite corners on the same half of the field. Instructions The first player in each line will dribble

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corner attack soccer attacking drill

Corner Attack

Purpose Players get familiar with shooting off the dribble and with making moves to get open for a shot. Drill Setup Create a grid that is 15 yards long by 20 yards wide.

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short corner soccer attacking drill

Short Corner

Purpose Players get to practice corner kicks in this basic drill. Drill Setup This is set up as a corner kick. So one player will be taking the corner kick, another player will

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Passing Race

Purpose This is fun relay race that allows players to practice their passing. Drill Setup Divide the players into two teams of eight. Divide half the soccer field in half. Place one team

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Half Back Attack

Purpose Players may need to use their head, knee, or shoulder to redirect the cross pass with one touch into the net. Drill Setup Divide your team into three lines. Line #1

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Creating Space Soccer Attacking Drill

Creating Space

Purpose This drill helps players work on attacking, passing, and defending which will help them improve their overall game skills. Setup Place a goalie in the goal, two defenders and two forwards inside

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Goal to Goal Attack

Purpose This is a great drill for teaching your players the transition game. Setup You will need a goalie and three attackers. Place one attacker at the very center of the field, one

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Score The Rebound

Purpose This drill teaches players to attack the goal no matter when the ball is or how close the goalie may be. Setup Create two lines of attackers on the 18. One

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Run To The Near Post

Purpose Scoring from the corner is one of the best ways to put the ball in the goal and players will learn how to do that in this drill. Setup Make sure

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