Run and Shoot Drill

Purpose Players practice shooting after a breakaway run. Set Up Mark off a field that is approximately 30 yards wide by 20 to 30 yards long. Put a goal at each end. Instructions Players line

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1 V 1 Race To The Ball

Purpose Players learn to control the ball, beat a defender and hit a solid scoring shot. Set Up Coach divides players into two teams. Teams form two lines at the same sideline. Instructions 1.

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5 cone knockdown soccer shooting drill

5 Cone Knockdown

Purpose Improves teamwork and shooting accuracy. Drill Setup Mark off a playing field that is approximately 20 yards wide by 30 yards long. Line up five cones at each endline. First team to knock

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Shooting Gallery Soccer Chooting Drill

Shooting Gallery

Purpose Players work on improving their shooting accuracy from both in close and far away. Drill Setup Create a field that is 20 yards wide by 30 yards long and put two goals

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The Big Kick Soccer Shooting Drill

The Big Kick

Purpose Players should learn the proper shooting technique early on so they can build power as they gain experience with the game. Setup You need a couple of nets or goals and

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Moving Goal Drill

Purpose This is a great drill to help players focus in on a target and gain accuracy on their shots. Setup All players are dribbling their ball on a practice field – 15

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4 Corner Shooting Drill

Purpose Players work on gaining control of the ball and shooting it accurately into a defended goal. Drill Setup Mark off a field that is approximately 20 yards wide by 25 yards long.

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