2 Zone Shooting

Elevate your soccer training with the “2 Zone Shooting” drill, designed to enhance shooting skills under defensive pressure.

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Distance Shooting

Learn how to harness power and precision in your long-range shots, emphasizing body balance, mental composure, and effective follow-through.

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Turn and Shoot

Often players receive the ball with their backs to the goal. This drill will help them learn to receive the ball and quickly shoot, and work on passing, trapping, turning,and shooting.

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1 V 1 Race To The Ball

Players learn to control the ball, beat a defender and hit a solid scoring shot as they race to the ball and then try and dribble and score against their opponent.

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Breakaway Soccer Shooting Drill

Breakaway Drill

Players learn to keep control of the ball and get a good shot on goal in a breakaway situation in this fundamental shooting drill.

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corner attack soccer attacking drill

Corner Attack

Players get familiar with shooting off the dribble and with making moves to get open for a shot in this fundamental drill.

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