1 V 1 Race To The Ball Soccer Posession Drill
Players race to the ball and then try and dribble and score against their opponent.


Players learn to control the ball, beat a defender and hit a solid scoring shot.

Set Up

Coach divides players into two teams. Teams form two lines at the same sideline.


1. Coach kicks a ball onto the pitch between the two lines.

2. The first player in each line races to the ball, tries to control it and score it in the goal.

3. Player who doesn’t get the ball, defends the offensive player and tries to steal it.

4. First player to score wins. If no player scores within 10 seconds it is a draw and play is ended.

5. Players go to end of the respective lines and next two players go.

Coaching Tips

If the defender is unable to reach the ball first, it’s ok to retreat into a defensive position.

Stay between the attacker and the goal and try to steer her toward the sideline.

The defender should only tackle if and when they are sure they are going to win.