The Ultimate Soccer Drill Library

Welcome to We've selected simple, fun and effective soccer drills covering every fundamental skill. It's everything you need to engage your kids in practice, improve their skills, and win more games!

Ball Wins

Purpose This drill helps players learn to dribble with speed. It also teaches the players to keep their heads up so they know who has more balls. Setup Set-up four cones in a...

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Bring It Home

Purpose Young players learn to secure the ball and dribble it under control to a specified area. Set Up Two players stand on opposite edges of a circle. One player stands in...

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Keep Away Drill

Purpose Players practice making pinpoint passes against defensive pressure. Set Up Two players stand on opposite edges of a circle. One player stands in the middle of the...

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Tackle Drill

Purpose Defenders learn to win the ball from an attacker on a tackle. Set Up Mark off two 10-yard squares. Instructions 1. Coach kicks a ball onto the pitch between the two...

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Put Your Foot Down

Purpose This drill teaches players to stop the ball so they can control it and improve their game. Set Up Depending on the number of coaches you have, you might be able to run...

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Dribbling In Space

Purpose This drill will help players develop their moves and their ability to keep possession of the ball Set Up For this drill you will make a square with the 4 cones on one...

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