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Angle of Support

Purpose Players will learn to sprint to the open position next to their teammate with the ball so that they can maintain possession of the ball as a team. Setup Set the cones...

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Creating Space Soccer Attacking Drill

Creating Space

Purpose This drill helps players work on attacking, passing, and defending which will help them improve their overall game skills. Setup Place a goalie in the goal, two...

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Passing Relay

Purpose Making quick, targeted passes is a great skill for your team to develop. This relay will reinforce that element. Setup Set up a course of alternating cones in a...

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Goal to Goal Attack

Purpose This is a great drill for teaching your players the transition game. Setup You will need a goalie and three attackers. Place one attacker at the very center of the...

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Distance Passing

Purpose Being able to judge how much leg you need to put on a pass is key. Setup Have the players get into two lines – one for pass receivers and another for passers....

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Combo Drill

Purpose Soccer is a live game where players are constantly changing and doing different things during game play. This drill helps to simulate a player going through those...

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2v1 Possession Game

Purpose Players learn how to keep possession of the ball and how to look to pass the ball up the field. Setup Set up four cones so that they form a rectangle that’s about 20...

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Score The Rebound

Purpose This drill teaches players to attack the goal no matter when the ball is or how close the goalie may be. Setup Create two lines of attackers on the 18. One line will...

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Shooting Box

Purpose This drill works on a player’s shooting and awareness during a game. Setup Divide players into teams of five, with one goalie in each group. Cone off a 25-yard by...

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