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Circle Drill

Purpose This is a great possession drill that can be done anywhere as long as there’s a ball. Drill Setup Organize the players into groups of six players and have them form a

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Star Wars Drill

Purpose This is a fun drill that helps players improve conditioning while also working on their passing and ball awareness skills. Drill Setup Mark off a 10 yard by 20 yard grid. Players try

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Half Back Attack

Purpose Players may need to use their head, knee, or shoulder to redirect the cross pass with one touch into the net. Drill Setup Divide your team into three lines. Line #1

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Breakaway Soccer Shooting Drill

Breakaway Drill

Purpose Players learn to keep control of the ball and get a good shot on goal in a breakaway situation. Drill Setup Have players form two lines at midfield or about 20 to

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Gators in the River

Purpose Players work on controlling their dribble as they face pressure from a defender or defenders. Drill Setup Mark off an area about 15 yards wide by 20 yards long. Create a 3

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Angle of Support

Purpose Players will learn to sprint to the open position next to their teammate with the ball so that they can maintain possession of the ball as a team. Setup Set the

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Creating Space Soccer Attacking Drill

Creating Space

Purpose This drill helps players work on attacking, passing, and defending which will help them improve their overall game skills. Setup Place a goalie in the goal, two defenders and two forwards inside

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Passing Relay

Purpose Making quick, targeted passes is a great skill for your team to develop. This relay will reinforce that element. Setup Set up a course of alternating cones in a slalom-type course.

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Goal to Goal Attack

Purpose This is a great drill for teaching your players the transition game. Setup You will need a goalie and three attackers. Place one attacker at the very center of the field, one

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