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Cross Drill

Have your players form three lines near midfield. One line on the far sideline, another line about five yards back and five yards towards the center, and the third line in the middle of the centerfield. The players on the sideline will all have a ball. The line next to them are defenders.

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5 V 3 with Goaltender Drill

In this high-paced drill, defenders work with a goaltender to stop a larger group of attackers. Defenders should try to avoid getting split by the attackers. This requires that they maintain their shape and that they work closely together and communicate well.

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Through the Gate Soccer Dribbling Drill

Through the Gate

Players learn to control the ball using six surfaces of the foot in this excellent fundamental drill. Players learn to use the following dribbling techniques: outside of foot, inside of the foot, laces, bottom, toe and heel.

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1 V 1 soccer defensive drill

1 V 1 Defensive Drill

Players practice their one-on-one defensive technique in this high-paced drill. When the attacker touches the ball, the defender closes him or her down as quickly as possible and tries to stop the attacker from scoring a goal.

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Guard the Ball Soccer Defense Drill

Guard The Ball

Defensive player works on blocking passes and shots, as players try to secure a ball and dribble it back home in this fun drill!

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You’re It

Players will be practicing ball control in a confined area which will help them develop the need skills for individual ball possession in this drill.

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