The Big Kick Soccer Shooting Drill

The Big Kick

Purpose Players should learn the proper shooting technique early on so they can build power as they gain experience with the game. Setup You need a couple of nets or goals and

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Moving Goal Drill

Purpose This is a great drill to help players focus in on a target and gain accuracy on their shots. Setup All players are dribbling their ball on a practice field – 15

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3 vs 3 Plus Three Soccer Possession Drill

3 vs 3 Plus Three

Purpose This is a great drill for teaching players how to move and communicate so that they keep possession of the ball. Setup Arrange four cones into a square that’s about 20 yards

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Four Corners Go Soccer Possession Drill

4 Corners Go

Purpose Players learn to keep control of their dribble and they also learn to shield the ball from their opponents. Setup Set-up four cones to form a square that’s 30 yards by 30

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Z Turns

Purpose This is a drill that will teach players to gain control of the ball and maintain it while changing directions. Drill Setup You will need to set up a cone

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4 Corner Shooting Drill

Purpose Players work on gaining control of the ball and shooting it accurately into a defended goal. Drill Setup Mark off a field that is approximately 20 yards wide by 25 yards long.

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Dribble Direction Soccer Possession Drill

Dribble Direction

Purpose Players will learn to follow the coach and dribble the ball while staying aware of what's going on around them. Drill Setup On one half of the field, line-up the

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Chase The Ball

Purpose Chasing after a loose ball and then transitioning to offense and defense is key in soccer. The purpose of this drill is to help with that offensive and defensive transition.

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