The Big Kick Soccer Shooting Drill

The Big Kick

Purpose Players should learn the proper shooting technique early on so they can build power as they gain experience with the game. Setup You need a couple of nets or goals and

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circle two soccer passing drill

Circle 2 Passing Drill

Purpose Players practice passing and receiving against two defenders. Set Up Players stand around the edge of a circle.Two defenders stand in the middle of the circle. Instructions Players on the edge of the circle

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Run and Shoot Drill

Purpose Players practice shooting after a breakaway run. Set Up Mark off a field that is approximately 30 yards wide by 20 to 30 yards long. Put a goal at each end. Instructions Players line

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weak foot dribble soccer possession drill

Weak Foot Dribble

Purpose This is an easy but important drill that helps players improve their dribbling with their non-dominant foot. Set Up On half of the soccer field set-up two sets of five cones. The

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Into the Wide Open

Purpose Encourages defenders to keep attackers out wide instead of going for a tackle, missing and letting them penetrate. Set Up Mark off a field that is approximately 30 yards long by 25

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Dual Cross Passes

Purpose This drill teaches teamwork, ball handling, passing and finishing. Set Up Form two lines near opposite corners on the same half of the field. Instructions The first player in each line will dribble

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1 V 1 Race To The Ball

Purpose Players learn to control the ball, beat a defender and hit a solid scoring shot. Set Up Coach divides players into two teams. Teams form two lines at the same sideline. Instructions 1.

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Moving Gauntlet

Purpose This drill will help players keep good control of the ball while being pressured by the opponent. Setup Players should form two lines and face each other stretching all the way

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Put Your Foot Down

Purpose This drill teaches players to stop the ball so they can control it and improve their game. Set Up Depending on the number of coaches you have, you might be able

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