Zombie Invasion

Purpose Young players learn to dribble around and past defenders. Drill Setup Create a 15 yard wide by 20 yard long grid and then create a 4 yard by 4 yard square in

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Rapid Fire Drill

Purpose Players take quick shots against a goalie. Drill Setup Divide players into groups of three. Give each group two cones for a goal. Players take turns taking shots on the goal. How it Works One

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split the seam soccer defensive drill featured

Split the Seam Drill

Purpose Defenders work with a partner to prevent passes through their area. Drill Setup Create a 7 yard by 7 yard square with cones. How it Works 4 attackers around the outside of the square.

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midfield defense soccer drill

Midfield Defense Drill

Purpose This drill improves zonal defending, passing, communication and decisionmaking in the important midfield area. Drill Setup Mark off a field that is 44 yards long by 25 yards wide. Divide players into

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dribble through goal drill

Dribble Through Goal Drill

Purpose Improves individual dribbling skills. Drill Setup Mark off a playing field that is 35 yards by 25 yards and create two 6-yard goals on each sideline, 5 yards from the touchline. Players dribble

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dribbling grid soccer drill

Dribbling Grid Drill

Purpose Players work on maintaining a good dribble while they change pace and direction. Drill Setup Using 9 cones, mark off a four grid patternEach grid is 15 yards long by 10 yards

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Circle the Cone Soccer Possession Drills

Circle the Cone

Purpose Players will learn to make quick crisp passes. Drill Setup For this drill you need one cone, two players, and a ball. How it Works Set one player about 15 yards from the cone.

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short corner soccer attacking drill

Short Corner

Purpose Players get to practice corner kicks in this basic drill. Drill Setup This is set up as a corner kick. So one player will be taking the corner kick, another player will

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three zone passing drill

Three Zone Passing

Purpose Improves passers' decision making, accuracy and ability to spot opportunities. Drill Setup Create a field that is 40 yards long by 20 yards wide and divide it into thirds. How it

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