You’re It

Purpose Players will be practicing ball control in a confined area which will help them develop the need skills for individual ball possession. Drill Setup Set four cones up in a square that

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Guard the Ball Soccer Defense Drill

Guard The Ball

Purpose Defensive player works on blocking passes and shots. Drill Setup Divide team into groups of 4, mark off a 12-yard square for each group. Place a cone with a ball on top

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5 cone knockdown soccer shooting drill

5 Cone Knockdown

Purpose Improves teamwork and shooting accuracy. Drill Setup Mark off a playing field that is approximately 20 yards wide by 30 yards long. Line up five cones at each endline. First team to knock

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Demolition Derby

Purpose Dribblers must protect their own ball wile also trying to steal balls from the other players. Drill Setup Create a 15 yard wide by 20 yard long grid and put a goal

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4 Goal Challenge Soccer Dribbling Drill

4 Goal Challenge

Purpose Players dribble against pressure and learn to close out an attack with a scoring flourish. Drill Setup Set up four goals – two on the top and two on the bottom of

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Circle the Cone Soccer Possession Drills

Circle the Cone

Purpose Players will learn to make quick crisp passes. Drill Setup For this drill you need one cone, two players, and a ball. How it Works Set one player about 15 yards from the cone.

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1 V 1 soccer defensive drill

1 V 1 Defensive Drill

Purpose Players practice their one-on-one defensive technique. Drill Setup Create a 7-yard by 7-yard square and put a goal in the center. How it Works Pair players up and give each pair one ball. One

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Four Corners Soccer Passing Drill

Four Corners Drill

Purpose Works on passing and receiving fundamentals while adding defensive pressure. Drill Setup Mark off a 10 yard by 10 yard grid with cones at the corners. How it Works One payer stands at each

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Turn and Turn Again Drill

Purpose Players learn to turn while maintaining their dribble and keeping the ball close to their body. Drill Setup Setup four cones with one cone on each of the endlines and the other

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