circle two soccer passing drill

Circle 2 Passing Drill

Purpose Players practice passing and receiving against two defenders. Set Up Players stand around the edge of a circle.Two defenders stand in the middle of the circle. Instructions Players on the edge of the circle

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three ball possession soccer passing drill

Three Ball Possession Drill

Purpose Forces players to be good passers in order to keep possession of the ball. Drill Setup Create two equal numbered teams.Use three soccer balls. How it Works Coach says "go" or blows whistle.Each team

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three zone passing drill

Three Zone Passing

Purpose Improves passers' decision making, accuracy and ability to spot opportunities. Drill Setup Create a field that is 40 yards long by 20 yards wide and divide it into thirds. How it

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Put Your Foot Down

Purpose This drill teaches players to stop the ball so they can control it and improve their game. Set Up Depending on the number of coaches you have, you might be able

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Four Corners Soccer Passing Drill

Four Corners Drill

Purpose Works on passing and receiving fundamentals while adding defensive pressure. Drill Setup Mark off a 10 yard by 10 yard grid with cones at the corners. How it Works One payer stands at each

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Chase The Ball

Purpose Chasing after a loose ball and then transitioning to offense and defense is key in soccer. The purpose of this drill is to help with that offensive and defensive transition.

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Star Wars Drill

Purpose This is a fun drill that helps players improve conditioning while also working on their passing and ball awareness skills. Drill Setup Mark off a 10 yard by 20 yard grid. Players try

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Passing Relay

Purpose Making quick, targeted passes is a great skill for your team to develop. This relay will reinforce that element. Setup Set up a course of alternating cones in a slalom-type course.

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Distance Passing

Purpose Being able to judge how much leg you need to put on a pass is key. Setup Have the players get into two lines - one for pass receivers and another

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