This drill helps players improve their passing and receiving skills while on the move, a common scenario in games.


Set up a square using four cones, each about 10 yards apart, expandable to 20 yards. Position four players at the square, one at each corner.

Players will build skills when they begin passing on the run and receiving the ball.


  • One player starts with the ball.
  • Another player runs around the outside of the square while the starting player passes them the ball.
  • The receiving player controls the ball, passes it to another player, and continues running.
  • This cycle continues with players running around the square.
  • The passing player aims the ball across the square to the opposing side. As players move, they run to intercept the passes, control them, and then pass across again.

Coaching Tips:

  • The goal is for players to learn to pass and receive while running. Increase the speed of the drill as players improve.
  • Implement penalties like pushups or sprints for losing control of the ball.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Focus on ball control: Emphasize the importance of controlling the ball with the first touch. This skill is fundamental and sets the stage for a successful pass.
  • Teach them to communicate: Encourage younger players to call for the ball and communicate with their teammates. This helps develop their teamwork and awareness on the field.
  • Practice using both feet: Young players should get comfortable passing and receiving with both feet, enhancing their versatility and skill on the field.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Work on accuracy and power: Older players should focus on passing the ball with both accuracy and the right amount of power, depending on the distance and game situation.
  • Develop quick decision-making: Encourage them to make quick decisions during the drill, which mirrors the fast-paced decisions required in a game.
  • Incorporate dynamic movements: Include variations in running patterns (such as changing speeds or adding feints) before receiving the ball to simulate game-like scenarios and improve agility.