You’re It

Purpose Players will be practicing ball control in a confined area which will help them develop the need skills for individual ball possession. Drill Setup Set four cones up in a square that

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Moving Gauntlet

Purpose This drill will help players keep good control of the ball while being pressured by the opponent. Setup Players should form two lines and face each other stretching all the way

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weak foot dribble soccer possession drill

Weak Foot Dribble

Purpose This is an easy but important drill that helps players improve their dribbling with their non-dominant foot. Set Up On half of the soccer field set-up two sets of five cones. The

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Circle the Cone Soccer Possession Drills

Circle the Cone

Purpose Players will learn to make quick crisp passes. Drill Setup For this drill you need one cone, two players, and a ball. How it Works Set one player about 15 yards from the cone.

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Ball Wins

Purpose This drill helps players learn to dribble with speed. It also teaches the players to keep their heads up so they know who has more balls. Setup Set-up four cones in

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3 vs 3 Plus Three Soccer Possession Drill

3 vs 3 Plus Three

Purpose This is a great drill for teaching players how to move and communicate so that they keep possession of the ball. Setup Arrange four cones into a square that’s about 20 yards

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Four Corners Go Soccer Possession Drill

4 Corners Go

Purpose Players learn to keep control of their dribble and they also learn to shield the ball from their opponents. Setup Set-up four cones to form a square that’s 30 yards by 30

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Dribble Direction Soccer Possession Drill

Dribble Direction

Purpose Players will learn to follow the coach and dribble the ball while staying aware of what's going on around them. Drill Setup On one half of the field, line-up the

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