This is the primary passing area used by soccer players and should be learned properly at an early age.


Have two rows of players line up across from each other about 8 to 10 yards apart, depending on their skill level.

Players will learn the basics of passing the ball using the proper foot technique.


  • With the players facing each other, they must pass the ball back and forth, focusing on passing the ball using the instep of their foot and stopping the ball for ball control.
  • Have the players complete 10 passes each back and forth.
  • To provide them with more experience with different players, have one line rotate so they have the chance to pass with other players.

Coaching Tips:

  • This is a basic skill for younger players (nonetheless important), and the drill itself is just as basic.
  • Players will soon learn the appropriate area they need to contact the ball and continue working on pass reception and ball control.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Focus on the angle of their foot during the pass, ensuring the toe is pointed up and the ankle is locked for a firm and accurate pass.
  • Teach them to look up before passing to develop awareness of teammates’ positions and surrounding space.
  • Emphasize the importance of a controlled, gentle touch when receiving the ball, to improve their first touch and prepare for the next action.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Integrate movement into the drill, with players taking a few steps before passing, to simulate game-like conditions and improve passing accuracy while on the move.
  • Encourage varying the speed and power of passes, teaching them to adjust technique based on distance and the intended recipient of the pass.
  • Teach the use of the non-dominant foot for passing, helping them become more versatile players capable of passing accurately with both feet.