Divide your team into four pairs of four players. The pairs will line-up near the 18 on both
sides of the field, two pairs at each 18. One line of players will be outside the 18 and facing
the goal while the other players will have their backs to the goal and be inside the 18. They
should be about 10 yards apart.


  1. The players outside the 18 will pass to their partner inside the 18.
  2. Those players will trap the ball, turn, and fire at the goal.
  3. After a few turns, players will switch roles.

Players get the chance to take shots at goal after receiving a pass.

Coaching Tips:

  • Often players receive the ball with their backs to the goal. This drill will help them learn
    to receive the ball and quickly shoot. So the drill will work on passing, trapping, turning,
    and shooting.