Players work on gaining control of the ball and shooting it accurately into a defended goal.

Drill Setup

  • Mark off a field that is approximately 20 yards wide by 25 yards long.
  • Create four lines of players – one in each corner.
Players seek to gain control of the ball and score in the opposing team’s goal.

How it Works

  1. Players of the same team are placed by the corner cones of the goal they are defending.
  2. Half of a team is in a line at one cone and the other half is at the other cone.
  3. Coach stands out of bounds at midfield with all the balls.
  4. Coach serves a ball onto the pitch, players race to the ball and try to score in the opposing team’s goal.

Coaching Tips

  • Players should be selecting the best technique for their shot – a sidefoot shot has greater accuracy, but a shot with the laces and with good follow-through will have greater power.