Players learn to keep control of the ball and get a good shot on goal in a breakaway situation.

Drill Setup

  • Have players form two lines at midfield or about 20 to 30 yards from the goal.
  • Create a line in front of the goal with cones that players must pass to shoot.

How it Works

  1. Coach says “go” or blows the whistle.
  2. First player in each line dribbles quickly toward the goal, passes the line and shoots.
  3. Player retrieves his or her ball and then goes to the back of the opposite line.

Coaching Tips

  • As a variation, you could make one line the offense line and the second line the defense line so the offense has to beat the defense to score. You could also add a goalie.
  • Young players often lose control of the ball while dribbling so stress that they should try to keep the ball close to their body and encourage them to shoot when they are close to the goal as they might be staring at the ball and concentrating on dribbling and not realize they have a shot.