Have your players form three lines near midfield. One line on the far sideline, another line
about five yards back and five yards towards the center, and the third line in the middle of
the centerfield. The players on the sideline will all have a ball. The line next to them are

Players will learn the basics of how to cross a ball, defend a cross, and score from a cross pass.


  1. When the coach blows the whistle, the player at the front of the outside line will dribble
    down the sideline.
  2. The defenders will try to chase down the dribbler.
  3. The line in the middle of the field will make a run toward the goal.
  4. Once the dribbler gets near the corner the player will cross the ball and the player
    sprinting down the middle of the field will direct the ball into the goal.

Coaching Tips:

  • This drill will teach players to dribble the ball as fast as possible. It will also help teach
    players how to make a run, how to cross the ball, and how to finish around the goal.
    Since a defender is trailing the play, the drill must be run at game speed.