This is a drill that will teach players to gain control of the ball and maintain it while changing directions.

Drill Setup

  • You will need to set up a cone course similar to the one shown in the diagram that will facilitate players moving from side to side.
  • Two lines can be set up so players can get more repetitions.
Z Turns Soccer Dribbling Drill

How it Works

  1. When the coach blows the whistle the players in front of the lines will start through the cones course first.
  2. After the first players have passed the first two cones, the next players can go.
  3. Each player will need to dribble with both feet to keep control of the ball as they advance through the cone course and should have as few stops as possible.

Coaching Tips

• Encourage the players to stay in control and go at a pass that will allow them to make minimal or no stops. When done properly and after several repetitions the players will see an increase in ball control using both feet when dribbling.