Players learn to turn while maintaining their dribble and keeping the ball close to their body.

Drill Setup

  • Setup four cones with one cone on each of the endlines and the other two cones offset on opposite sides about halfway down the pitch.
Turn and Turn Again Soccer Dribbling Drill

How it Works

  1. Coach blows his whistle.
  2. First player in each line takes off.
  3. Player dribbles to the first cone, executes a turn and dribbles to the diagonal cone.
  4. There they execute a second turn and then dribble to the endline cone.
  5. After crossing endline, player goes to back of the line to go again.

Coaching Tips

  • When executing the turn the player should use the following technique – inside of the foot cut, outside foot hook and drag back.
  • As players get better with the drill they should strive to dribble and turn faster and faster without losing control of the ball.
  • You could also divide the pitch into two halves and run four lines in this drill.