Players should learn the proper shooting technique early on so they can build power as they gain experience with the game.


  • You need a couple of nets or goals and two lines of players equipped with balls.
The Big Kick Soccer Shooting Drill

How it Works

  1. Show the players how to go through the proper shooting form by planting foot, creating a contact point and then following through.
  2. Have the players do this and get them to kick the ball at the net. Most younger players will want to try and kick the ball hard, but get them to slow down and try to keep things under control so they can learn to kick properly.
  3. You can ensure the players that they will learn to kick it harder once they learn how to kick it properly.

Coaching Tips

  • Ultimately this is a drill that teaches kids the fundamentals of shooting the ball. Power and accuracy will come down the road.
  • Often times, younger players will simply stride into the ball when they are running in order to kick it. While the intent is good, learning to do this properly starts with learning the proper stationary kick.