Tackle Soccer Defense Drill
Defender attempts to win the ball on a tackle.


Defenders learn to win the ball from an attacker on a tackle.

Set Up

Mark off two 10-yard squares.


1. Coach kicks a ball onto the pitch between the two lin Defenders line up at one end, attackers at the other.

2. Defender plays the ball to the attacker and then closes out and tries to win it.

3. If the defender wins the ball in the attacking box, that’s worth 2 points.

4. If the defender wins the ball in the defending box, that’s worth 1 point.

5. When finished, players go to the opposite line.

Coaching Tips

When tackling, players should move their leg to the side to build momentum then move it forward in a passing motion. reach the ball first, it’s ok to retreat into a defensive position.

They should not use their toe to poke the ball unless they are sure they’ll win the tackle.