Players practice their one-on-one defensive technique.

Drill Setup

  • Create a 7-yard by 7-yard square and put a goal in the center.
1 V 1 soccer defensive drill

How it Works

  1. Pair players up and give each pair one ball.
  2. One player is offense, one player is defense.
  3. Players start on opposite sides of the square.
  4. The defender passes the ball to the attacker through the cone goal.
  5. When attacker touches the ball, the defender closes him or her down as quickly as possible and tries to stop the attacker from scoring a goal.
  6. If defender succeeds for 20 seconds, he or she earns a point.
  7. Play 3 rounds then switch roles.

Coaching Tips

  • First, defender should always stay between the attacker and the goal.
  • Defender should also try to steer the attacker away from the goal.
  • The defender should only tackle if and when they are sure they are going to win.