This drill teaches players the importance of dribbling and moving the ball into the opposing teams territory. This is a skill that must be mastered for success.

Drill Setup

  • In this drill you can set up a couple of lines with an area of about 10 yards to work with.
  • This will be a shorter dribble distance.
short dribble soccer dribbling drill
Players learn how to dribble in compact spaces and move the ball towards the goal.

How it Works

  1. Line up your players into two or more lines.
  2. Have them work the ball back and forth between their feet for a space of about 10 yards.
  3. Once they’ve completed the 10 yards have them return to the back of the line.
  4. Cycle each player through 4-6 times to give sufficient repetitions.

Coaching Tips

  • It’s important to have them start in a short area because this will build up the dexterity in both of the feet and will get them comfortable in short compact spaces.
  • You can shorten up the area if you want, and you can also ask the kids to try and keep their head up as they try to dribble the ball in that area.
  • With a little bit of repetition, your players will soon master the skill of dribbling in a short area, using both feet to handle the ball.