This drill works on a player’s shooting and awareness during a game.

Shooting Box Soccer Shooting Drill
Players will learn to apply multiple game scenario skills.


  • Divide players into teams of five, with one goalie in each group.
  • Cone off a 25-yard by 25yard area to do this drill.


  1. Each side will have a goal area, with a goalie minding the net.
  2. Two players from each team will play two on two, while the other two players on the team will cover goal lines between the corner cones.
  3. If the ball is kicked and misses the net, the players on the end lines will attempt to get the ball back to their players inside the coned box.
  4. Rotate players from the goal lines into the coned area to switch the two on two play and provide every player with the opportunity to improve.

Coaching Tips

  • The overall result will be more shooting practice on the goalie, and it will keep players into the game as they watch for the ball on the goal line.