Scoring from the corner is one of the best ways to put the ball in the goal and players will learn how to do that in this drill.


  • Make sure you have a goalie protecting the net.
  • Set-up two lines of players. One line will begin at the penalty box line even with the far goal post, these will be the attackers. The other line will be on the other side of the field near the end line, they will be the servers.


  1. The attackers will run diagonally to the near post.
  2. The server will either pass the ball on the ground or through the air.
  3. The attacker must redirect the ball into the goal.
  4. The attacker then goes to the serving line and the server goes to the attacking line.
  5. The goalie should only look to stop the shot (redirection) and not the pass.
  6. As this drill progresses the servers can back up and begin hitting corner kicks.

Coaching Tips

  • This drill will help players with crossing the ball and redirecting crosses into the goal. Also, goalies will get work stopping redirections.