Players practice shooting on goal off the dribble.

Drill Setup

  • Players form two lines – one on each side of the goal similar to a layup basketball drill.
Players dribble in and take a shot on goal.

How it Works

  1. Coach says “go” or blows the whistle.
  2. Player on right dribbles in and shoots. He retrieves his ball and goes to the end of the opposite line.
  3. Player on left dribbles in and shoots on goal.
  4. Drill continues in this alternating fashion.

Coaching Tips

  • Encourage the players to take different lines of attack – for instance the might dribble into the middle of the pitch or streak down the side.
  • Add a goalie to increase the difficulty. You could also have one line pass to the other line who then shoots.
  • Watch for proper shooting fundamentals – head down, eyes on the ball.