Defenders practice stealing the ball from and then controlling it against multiple attackers.

Drill Setup

  • Create two adjacent 20 yard squares.
Invaders try to steal the ball and score points for their team.

How it Works

  1. Divide your players team into two teams. Assign each player a number. Put a team in each square. Give each team a ball.
  2. The teams dribble and pass amongst themselves. You call out a number (or numbers) and those players rush into the other half and try to steal the ball.
  3. If an invading player wins the ball and knocks it out of the playing area within 20 seconds, they win a point for their team. If they can win the ball and dribble it back to their own playing area, their team gets three points.

Coaching Tips

  • Remind defenders that the faster they pressure on the attacker, the faster he will have to make a decision and high pressure often forces offensive mistakes.
  • With good pressure, offensive players will have less time to look up and find a good pass or path to dribble.