This is a great drill to build continued learning and reinforcement of dribbling with your head up.

Finger Spaceman Soccer Dribbling Drill
Players work on developing ball control while keep their heads up for proper field awareness.


Place four cones in a 30 yard by 30 yard area. Give all of the players inside the square a ball. The coach will be in the middle of the square.


  1. Give each player a ball and make sure they are evenly spaced out, ready to dribble.
  2. When the coach blows the whistle, the players will dribble around the square, maintaining space and keeping their head up.
  3. At different intervals the coach will hold up his or her hand and display a certain number of fingers. The players must shout out the number of fingers the coach is holding up.
  4. Players who don’t see it, or aren’t looking up at the hand, are eliminated.
  5. After eliminating a few players, you can make the square smaller, emphasizing shorter ball control skills.

Coaching Tips

Players are going to continue to develop their ball control skills. Along with that players will get the knack for being able to dribble the ball with their heads up.