Dribbling In Space Soccer Dribbling Drill


This drill will help players develop their moves and their ability to keep possession of the ball

Set Up

For this drill you will make a square with the 4 cones on one half of the soccer field. The size of the square you make should depend on the number of players you have to go inside the square.


1. All players will be inside the square. They will each have a ball.

2. The players need to dribble around inside the square without losing control of their ball and without running into each other.

3. Players should have enough space to move around but they should be forced to be close enough to each other so that they need to watch where they’re going.

Coaching Tips

It’s important for players to keep their heads up while dribbling the ball. This drill will force them to do just that.

Instruct your players to work on turning with the ball, speeding up with the ball, and making moves with the ball.