Players work on maintaining a good dribble while they change pace and direction.

Drill Setup

  • Using 9 cones, mark off a four grid pattern
  • Each grid is 15 yards long by 10 yards wide.
dribbling grid soccer drill

How it Works

  1. One player goes into each grid.
  2. Coach blows whistle.
  3. Players dribble keeping the ball under control in the tight space.
  4. At the coach’s direction, dribblers change direction, turn, accelerate or perform a move.

Coaching Tips

  • Simple moves like pull-backs and L moves are good for tight space movement.
  • Make sure players are using their weak foot as well as their strong foot as they dribble.
  • Players should be mixing their pace – going slow and smooth and then exploding into a fast movement. Being able to change pace will help keep the defense off balance in a game.