Improves individual dribbling skills.

Drill Setup

  • Mark off a playing field that is 35 yards by 25 yards and create two 6-yard goals on each sideline, 5 yards from the touchline.
Players dribble through goals to score in this dribbling

How it Works

  1. Divide players into two teams of four.
  2. To score, a player needs to dribble through a goal.
  3. One player on the team without the ball takes a knee so they are defending with 3.
  4. If the kneeling player’s team wins possession, he immediately becomes live and a player on the other team takes a knee.

Coaching Tips

  • In this drill, it’s key for players to maintain spatial awareness. You want good spacing on the pitch and teammates should stay out of the way when there is 1 versus 1 action.