Dribblers must protect their own ball wile also trying to steal balls from the other players.

Drill Setup

  • Create a 15 yard wide by 20 yard long grid and put a goal in each corner.
Players must protect their ball while also trying to steal balls and score.

How it Works

  1. All players are on the field with a ball.
  2. Coach says “go” or blows whistle.
  3. Players protect their soccer ball while trying to kick the other soccer balls into one of the 4 goals.
  4. If a player’s ball gets stolen and kicked into a goal, that player must do 5 toe taps before they can get their ball from the goal and re-enter the game.

Coaching Tips

  • Players should user soft touches (baby touches) with the outside and inside of their foot to keep the ball close and protected from other players.
  • Players should use longer touches with the laces when they need to get away from another player.