Players often aim for the middle of the goal. This drill helps them focus on hitting the ball low and to the side.


  • Set up two cones about 10 yards apart. First cone is about 20 yards from the goal, second is about 30 yards.
Corner Cone Soccer Shooting Drill

How it Works

  1. Players line up at second cone.
  2. Coach stands of to the side in front of the first cone.
  3. Player dribbles from first cone to second cone where he or she then passes the bal to the coach.
  4. Coach passes the ball into space. Player runs forward, receive the ball and takes a shot on goal.
  5. The Player aims to knock over one of the cones placed on the inside edges of the goal.

Coaching Tips

  • Be sure to run the drill from both side of the field.
  • Emphasize to players that low shots are the most effective shots on goal according to the percentages.