Soccer is a live game where players are constantly changing and doing different things during game play. This drill helps to simulate a player going through those various situations.


  1. At one end of the field place a goalkeeper in goal and create two equal lines.
  2. Set up Line 1 about 10 yards outside of the 18 and Line 2 on the opposite side of the field near the sideline.
Soccer Combo Drill
Several technical and game play areas are worked on, including shooting, rebounding, receiving a pass and dribbling, making a pass and then defending are all practice within this one drill.

How it Works

  1. The first player in Line 1 will shoot the ball on goal and immediately follow their shot for a rebound.
  2. The coach will then pass a ball to them that they must control and dribble up field.
  3. They will make a forward pass to the player in Line 2 and will immediately go on defense.
  4. The player in Line 2 will receive the pass and rush back up field to execute a one on one play and will try and score.
  5. The new defender will try to make a tackle and steal the ball.
  6. Once completed the player from Line 1 will go to the back of Line 2, and the Line 2 player will go to the back of Line 1.

Coaching Tips

  • This is a five part drill and must be done as quickly as possible by the player. It can be used as a conditioning drill as much as a skills drill.
  • It should take no more than 30 second to complete each player .