This drill helps players learn to dribble with speed. It also teaches the players to keep their heads up so they know who has more balls.

Ball Wins Soccer Dribbling Drills


Set-up four cones in a square with the sides being about 15 yards long. Set eight balls directly in the middle of the square. Make four lines of players, one line at each cone.


  1. One player will start at each cone.
  2. On the whistle players will sprint to the balls in the middle and then dribble the ball back to their cone.
  3. When the cones from the middle are gone then players should start stealing balls from other players’ cones.
  4. The first player to have 4 balls at a cone wins.
  5. If you have enough balls you can set-up multiple groups to go at the same time, otherwise you will need to rotate the players so that each player gets the chance to perform the drill.

Coaching Tips

This drill makes players plan their next move so that they can take balls from those with three balls already at their cone.