Attack The Goal Soccer Attacking Drill
Defender versus attacker in the open field – winner gets a point.


Defenders learn to stop an attacking offensive player and prevent him or her from scoring.

Set Up

Create a field that is 20 yards by 20 yards. Divide the team into two lines – half are defenders lined up at the side of the goal. Half our attackers lined up at the end of the playing area opposite the goal.


1. Coach blows whistle or says “go.”

2. Defender passes a ball to an attacker.

3. As soon as the attacker touches the ball, the defender runs out and defends to prevent a goal.

4. Defender gets a point if they successfully tackle the attacker or manage to keep the attacker from scoring for 15 seconds.

5. Attacker gets a point for a shot on goal.

6. When finished, players switch lines.

Coaching Tips

Emphasize to defenders that they must close down the attacker quickly. At the same time, attackers should be looking to shoot as soon as they can.

Progressions could include if a defender wins the ball they can shoot on goal or you could play two attackers against one defender.t that.