4 Goal Soccer Dribbling Drill
Players work on dribbling down the pitch while keeping the ball close


Players work on dribbling the ball with speed while keeping it close to their body.

Set Up

Create four goals using a set of two cones for each. Set the opposite goals about 20 yards from each other. Give each player a soccer ball.


1. Coach blows his whistle and players begin dribbling their soccer ball toward a goal.

2. Players continue dribbling, going through each goal and then repeating.

3. Run drill for 10 minutes. You can have players dribble for 90 seconds and rest for 30 seconds until they reach the allotted time.

Coaching Tips

Players should dribble using the following technique – outside right foot, inside right foot, outside left foot, inside left foot.

As players get more familiar with the drill they should look less at the ball and more at where they are going.

When going from the outside of a foot to the inside, players should be using a soft, “baby” touch.