This is an easy but important drill that helps players improve their dribbling with their non-dominant foot.

Set Up

  • On half of the soccer field set-up two sets of five cones. The cones should be placed in a straight line. There should be about five yards between each cone. Players will form a line about 5 yards away from each set of cones.
  • Each player in the line should have a ball or at least a few balls for the first few players in each line.
weak foot dribble soccer possession drill


  1. The first player in each line will dribble in and out of the cones using only their weak foot.
  2. Once they get to the end, the players should sprint back to the end of the line while still dribbling only with their weak foot.
  3. The next player in line should begin once the player in front is two cones into the drill. This way the drill keeps moving and players don’t stand around too long.

Coaching Tips

  • Too often players, especially younger players, dribble almost exclusively with their dominant foot. However, to keep possession of the ball players need to be able to dribble with both feet. This drill forces players to get better with their weak foot which will help them keep possession of the ball in games.