Players will learn to make quick crisp passes.

Drill Setup

  • For this drill you need one cone, two players, and a ball.

How it Works

  1. Set one player about 15 yards from the cone.
  2. Another player should stand with the ball right next to the cone.
  3. The player with the ball will pass to the other player.
  4. Then the player who just passed the ball will circle the cone and get a crisp return pass.
  5. The player should receive the ball and kick it back and then repeat the process several times.
  6. Rotate players to the side of the cone so they get equal rotations and reps.
  7. You can make this more difficult by requiring the players to do one touch passes.

Coaching Tips

  • This drill will help teach players how to receive the ball on the move and how to trap and make good passes. It will also help with footwork and conditioning.