This U14 soccer practice plan focuses on creating scoring chances. We’ll introduce a variety of fun drills to help develop passing and shooting fundamentals and apply those skills to game situations.

PHASE 1 - Pattern Passing (0:00-0:15)

Setup: Set up four cones in a diamond. The bottom cone should be about 25 yds. apart from the top cone. The side cones should be about 15 yds. apart. The side cones should be about 10 yds. away from the top cones at an angle as seen on the diagram.

How It Works:

1.  You will have 4 players participating with a line by each cone. Players are marked with triangles and the steps are marked with circles.

2.  Player 1 will start with the ball and pass to player 2.

3.  Player 2 will receive the ball and take a preparation touch and then pass to player 3. Player 3 will then one touch it back to player 2.

4.  Player 2 will pass to player 4 while simultaneously player 4 is checking to the ball as seen in the diagram.

5.  Player 4 will one touch it (lay off) to player 3.

6.  Player 3 will meet the ball and pass a long hard ball on the ground to player 1. The pattern will then start again.

7.  Have players rotate in a circle so they get to be at each cone spot.

PHASE 2 - Box Game (0:15-0:35)

Setup:  Set up a 40 x 20 yd. space with 2.5 yd. end zones on each end.

How It Works:

1.  There are 2 teams of 4 players and 2 neutral (all time offense) players (usually center mids).

2.  You score by either passing to your teammate in the end zone or by dribbling in under control without dribbling out of bounds or stopping the ball. The end zone line is an offside line so players can’t just stand in the end zone. If you score you kick the ball back to your team and your team continues the play (make it take it).

3.  Play 2 minute games or first to 2 points wins. Rotate teams in and keep them active while they are playing.

PHASE 3 - 8 vs 7 (0:35-1:00)

Setup:   Set up two small goals at the half line.

How It Works:

1.  The attacking team (circles) will have eight field players: 2 outside backs (#2, #3), 2 wing forward and 1 center forward (#4, #5, #6), and 3 center midfielders (#1, #7, #8).

2.  The defending team (triangles) will play with 6 field players and 1 goalie (4 backs, and 2 center mids).

  • The defense scores by passing or dribbling through the cones and they are awarded 2 points. The attack scores on a goal.
  • 3.  Play for 10 to 15 minutes and then switch players as needed.
  • 4.  Encourage attacking players to play the center forward and make runs off or support the other attackers.
  • Water Break - 1 Minute

    PHASE 4 - Play and Apply (1:00-1:30)

    How It Works:

    1.  Play a scrimmage with as many players as you have available (8v8 or 7 v7).

    2.  Play two 15 minute halves and switch sides.

    3.  Apply the principles talked about in practice and help players recognize when they did something right. Paint the picture of what it will look like in a game.

    Cool Down and Stretch

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