This U11 soccer practice plan focuses on passing technique. We’ll introduce a variety of fun drills to help develop passing fundamentals and apply those skills to game situations.

PHASE 1 - Control The Volley (0:00-0:15)

Setup: Arrange your players into groups of three players and make sure each group has two balls.  There will be a player in the middle of two players.  There should be about 10 yds. separating each of the players. The two players on the ends should each have a ball.

1.  The player in the middle will step toward one player on the end.

2.  That player will serve the ball on the ground to the player in the middle. The player has to one touch the ball back.

3.  Then the player in the middle turns and goes back toward the other player on the other end and repeats the process.

4.  Have each group repeat this several times and then rotate positions so every player gets a chance to take the volleys in the middle.

5.  After they have gone through have the group do it again but the player should have the ball in their hands and should serve the ball in the air to the player in the middle.

PHASE 2 - Circle Drill (0:15-0:35)

Setup:  Organize the players into groups of six players and have them form a circle. Make sure each group of six has one ball.

1.  One player will begin by passing the ball across the circle to another player.

2.  The passer will then run across and put pressure on the player who just received the ball.

3.  The player who received the ball must either one touch the ball to another player or trap the ball and pass to another player.

4.  Then that player goes to put pressure on the next player who is receiving the ball.

5.  This continues until every player has touched the ball at least once.

PHASE 3 - Keep Away (0:35-1:00)

Setup:  Form a small area with four cones; a square with sides 25 yds. in length should work.  Divide players into two teams of six. Give each team one ball.

1.  The goal is for each team to keep possession of their own ball and try to take away possession from the other team at the same time.

2.  Every time a team steals the ball that is 1 point.

3.  When a team reaches 5 points they win.

4.  For more advanced games one or two more balls can be used.

Water Break - 1 Minute

PHASE 4 - Equalizer (1:00-1:30)

Setup:   On one half of the field, put 6v6. Each side will have a small cone goal.

1.  Direct the players to play like in a regular soccer game, however, once one team scores, then that team cannot score again until the other side scores.

2.  The team that has the lead must continue to pass the ball around the field, keeping it away from the other team. They also need to defend against the other team and prevent them scoring but they are not allowed to score.

3.  Play two 15 minute halves.

4.  This will encourage a team that scores to pass well and keep possession in order to win the game.

Cool Down and Stretch

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