Below you’ll find one of our favorite U10 soccer practice plans.

The focus here is on passing, receiving and attacking. We’ll begin with a fun warmup game, then progress to some technical and tactical skill development. Then finish up with a competitive, game situation drill.

The practice time is set for one hour, but you can easily extend it by changing the duration of each drill or adding your own drills into the mix.

PHASE 1 - Passing Race (0:00-0:10)

How It Works:

1.  Each team will race by passing the ball to each other.

2.  The player on the end line starts with the ball. He passes it to the next player who passes it to the next player and so on.

3.  The ball should go all the way to midfield and then back to the 18.

4.  The player at the 18 then takes a shot on goal.

5.  The first team to put the ball in the goal wins.

PHASE 2 - Cross Drill (0:10-0:30)

How It Works:

1.  Player at the front of the outside line will dribble down the sideline.

2.  The defenders will try to chase down the dribbler.

3.  The line in the middle of the field will make a run toward the goal.

4.  Once dribbler feels they are in a good position, they will cross it to the player making a run.

5.  Once players understand this, add two lines making runs and a defender in the box. Add more as players understand the game more.

Water Break - 30 Seconds

PHASE 3 - 5 vs 5 Channel Play (0:30-0:45)

Setup:  Set up a field about 40×60 yds. Have a 5 yd. channel on each side (see diagram).  Separate into teams of five with a goalie on each team.

How It Works:

1.  Playa normal game but you cannot be defended from inside the channel. If you score on a cross then it is worth 3 points. Normal goal is worth 1 point.

2.  Play in between 3 and 5 minute games and then switch teams.

3.  Encourage players to make runs in the box and to score a lot of goals. Also focus on having the crosser send in good balls.

PHASE 4 - Play and Apply (0:45-1:00)

How It Works:

1.  Continue to play the same game but now add to it.

2.  Each team can now defend with one player at a time in the channel and can send two attacking players at the goal at the same time to help each other out.

3.  Play 3 minute games and then switch teams.

4.  Let the winning team stay on to create healthy competition.

Cool Down and Stretch

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