This U11 soccer practice plan focuses on shooting technique. We’ll introduce a variety of fun drills to help develop shooting fundamentals and apply those skills to game situations.

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Phase 1 – The Big Kick (0:00-0:15)

U11 soccer practice plan - the big kick drill
The Big Kick
  • Set up a couple of nets or goals and two lines of players equipped with balls at each one.
  • Show the players how to go through the proper shooting form by planting the foot, creating a contact point, and then following through.
  • Have the players do this and get them to kick the ball at the net.
  • Most young players will want to try and kick the ball hard.
  • Get them to slow down and try to keep things under control so they can learn to kick properly.
  • You can ensure players that they will learn to kick it harder once they learn how to kick it properly.

Phase 2 – Turn and Shoot (0:15-0:30)

turn and shoot drill
Turn and Shoot
  • Divide your team into four pairs of four players.
  • The pairs will line-up near the 18 on both sides of the field, two pairs at each 18.
  • One line of players will be outside the 18 and facing the goal while the other players will have their backs to the goal and be inside the 18.
  • They should be about 10 yds. apart.
  • The players outside the 18 will pass to their partner inside the 18.
  • Those players will trap the ball, turn, and fire at the goal.
  • After a few turns, players will switch roles.
  • Instruct the shooting player to have their head down, planted foot bent, and to follow through the kick landing on their kicking foot.

Phase 3 – 5 vs 5 King of the Field (0:30-1:00)

u11 soccer practice drill - king of the field
5 vs 5 King Of The Field
  • Set up two goals in a field the size of two 18 yd. boxes.
  • 5v5 with goalies, you can adjust your numbers according to the number of players you have.
  • The first team to score two goals or whoever is ahead after 2 minutes of play wins and a new team comes on.
  • If a game is tied after two minutes then the team that was on the longest stays on the field.
  • Make sure the teams that are not playing are getting plenty of water and are shagging the balls.
  • This is a game where there can be a lot of opportunities for players to shoot; encourage players to use good technique.

WATER BREAK – 2 Minutes

Phase 4 – Play and Apply (1:00-1:30)

soccer shooting drills for u11
Play and Apply
  • Set up a Goal at half field and split up teams.
  • Play eight 7 vs 7 or 8 vs 8. Whatever your numbers permit. Adjust the field length and width as you see fit.
  • Play two 15 minute halves and switch sides.
  • Allow players to play and encourage them to shoot a lot, practicing proper technique and strength.


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