Making quick, targeted passes is a great skill for your team to develop. This relay will reinforce that element.


  • Set up a course of alternating cones in a slalom-type course. Players should also be staggered so the passes have to go through the middle of the cones.
This is a game that can get the players engaged in passing accurately and quickly.

How it Works

  1. Players pass the ball between the two cones to the player at the staggered position closest to them. The object of this drill is to make the passes through the cones, as quickly and accurately as possible up the course and then back.
  2. The team that does the course the quickest wins the relay.
  3. You can increase competition by providing a reward for the winning team or by punishing the losing team with pushups or sprints.

Coaching Tips

  • This is a great drill for increasing passing accuracy and for learning to pass quickly after gaining control.