This is a great drill that builds a player’s body and eye coordination, and their ball control skills over time.


  • Each player gets his or her own ball and they need an area of about 5 yards by 5 yards.
One Touch One Bounce Juggling Soccer Drill

How it Works

  1. Have the player contact the ball with an area of their body (shoulder, knee, toe, head) and kick or touch the ball about waist height.
  2. Then the player needs to let the ball bounce on the ground.
  3. Then they hit the ball again with one of the other areas of the body, let it bounce, and repeat.
  4. Have each player do this 20 times.
  5. Increase the difficulty over time by increasing the number of touches in a row (2 touches, one bounce, 3 touches, one bounce, etc.) and have them alternate feet.

Coaching Tips

  • Many veteran soccer players will be familiar with this one mainly because they have probably done it since they were kids. But, it is a great ball control drill.