Being able to judge how much leg you need to put on a pass is key.


  1. Have the players get into two lines – one for pass receivers and another for passers. The line with the passers will need to have soccer balls.
Distance Passing Soccer Drill
Players will learn to determine proper leg strength depending on the distance of their teammates.

How it Works

  1. Have the pass receivers start off at about 10 yards away and the passers must hit them with a pass. This is the simple part of the drill.
  2. Next, have the receivers go to 20 yards away, then 40, then even 60 yards to see how accurate your players can be. They will soon understand what kind of kicking power is needed for the different lengths.

Coaching Tips

  • Your players will be able to more accurately judge how much power each pass requires, and they will build leg strength for longer kicks. This is also a good opportunity for pass receivers to hone their skills.