Players learn how volley control plays a role in both individual and team effort to maintain possession of the ball.

Drill Setup

  • Arrange your players into groups of three players and make sure each group has two balls.
Control The Volley Soccer Possession Drill

How it Works

  1. There will be a player in the middle of two players.
  2. There should be about 10 yards separating each of the players.
  3. The two players on the ends should each have a ball.
  4. The player in the middle will step toward one player on the end.
  5. That player will serve the ball through the air to the player in the middle.
  6. The player has to volley the ball back to the server.
  7. Then the player in the middle turns and goes back toward the other player on the other end and repeats the process.
  8. Have them repeat several times and then rotate positions so every player gets a chance to take the volleys in the middle.

Coaching Tips

  • Part of keeping possession of the ball is being able to take a ball out of the air and volley it to a teammate. This drill allows players to practice volleying with all parts of their body.