Chasing after a loose ball and then transitioning to offense and defense is key in soccer. The purpose of this drill is to help with that offensive and defensive transition.

Drill Setup

  • Place a goalkeeper in each goal. Divide your remaining players into three teams.
  • Two teams will line up on their sides of the field near the midline and will play against each other.
  • The third team will line up on the opposite side of the field exactly on the midfield line and will be the neutral players.
This is a great drill for players to practice chasing after the ball and making game like transitions.

How it Works

  1. The coach will toss the ball into the middle of the field and the first player in line for each of the two competing teams will sprint after the ball once it is thrown.
  2. The first player to reach the ball is on offense with the neutral player, and the other is on defense.
  3. Each player will turn and attack the opposing players goal. Likewise if on defense the player will try to defend their teams goal.
  4. Once one player secures the ball and goes on offense, they must take no more than 15 seconds to execute a play with the neutral player.
  5. If a goal is scored, that player then turns around and plays defense.
  6. The other player is now on offense with the neutral player attacking the opposite goal.
  7. Each time the entire drill is executed, all players rotate, except for goalkeepers.

Coaching Tips

  • Your players will learn to sprint quickly to gain control of loose balls and make a quick transition to offense and defense.