Players will learn to sprint to the open position next to their teammate with the ball so that they can maintain possession of the ball as a team.


  • Set the cones up in a square with each side being about 10 yards in length. Three players will be inside the cones with each player being next to one of the cones.
Angle of Support Soccer Possession Drill

How it Works

  1. The ball will start with one player.
  2. The other two players must be at the cones next to the player with the ball.
  3. The player with the ball will pass to one of the other players.
  4. Once the pass is made, the other player not receiving the ball must sprint to the other cone so that once again there are players on each cone next to the player with the ball.
  5. To make this drill a little more challenging, a defender can be put inside the cones.

Coaching Tips

  • Too often in games players fail to provide the proper support to the player with the ball. This drill will teach them to always provide proper support so that possession is kept and players always have teammates available to pass to.