This is a great drill for teaching players how to move and communicate so that they keep possession of the ball.


  • Arrange four cones into a square that’s about 20 yards by 20 yards.
  • Divide the players into three teams.
  • There will be three players from each team inside the cones.
3 vs 3 Plus Three Soccer Possession Drill

How it Works

  1. To begin have two teams, six players, with possession of the ball and the other team, three players, as defenders.
  2. The two teams must pass the ball around and keep possession of it.
  3. The defensive team is trying to gain possession.
  4. Once the ball is stolen they then have possession and the team of three players that lost the ball goes on defense.
  5. The defensive team and the other team will now have possession and try to maintain it.

Coaching Tips

  • You can make it more competitive and fast paced by giving points to the team that doesn’t lose the ball as much as the other teams.
  • This drill is also a great one for conditioning the defenders.