Rarely do soccer players ever use just one skill over and over again. Learning to use skills simultaneously is key to increasing their level of play.

Three Step Soccer Passing Drill
Players will start to put together several skills at once. They will be able to use their skills simultaneously during a game.


  • You can have two lines of players that can participate in this drill.
  • A coach will be needed at each line to conduct the drill.


  1. The coach will pass the ball from many angles and heights.
  2. The player must stop the ball, control it, and then make a pass back to the coach.
  3. In order to make the drill more difficult, you might consider adding another line to have running players receiving the passes so the player has to stop, control and then pass it to another player from the running line.

Coaching Tips

  • Getting a pass, controlling it, and then making another pass to a player is something that will happen regularly during the games. Players have to be able to make these transitions quickly to take advantage of game time situations.